Import Freight


When buying overseas it is imperative that you understand your buying terms and appreciate their inherent liabilities. Incoterms are a set of internationally accepted uniform rules, codifying the interpretation of buying terms that define the rights and obligation of both buyer and seller in an international transaction.

The biggest grievance we hear from buyers is when they buy CIF and leave control of the shipping to their suppliers. Invariably the supplier opts for a routing and costing option that is beneficial to them, which ends up with the buyers footing the bill for costs that were not budgeted for.

Case example recently an order for 16 tonne 25 cubic meters was shipped CIF from Hong Kong as LCL in a groupage container rather than as a full container. When it arrived in the UK, the consolidator asked the buyer to pay £1125 terminal handling (£45 per Cubic Meter), compared to the terminal handling on a full container of £110.

The surest way to avoid "nasty surprises" is to control the total movement of your consignment. If you ask your supplier for an FOB quote then we can quote you from FOB to your door and you will be in a position to budget for all your costs.

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